U-PORT safety needle

U-PORT needle ensures double protection!

U-PORT safety needle is a bent needle with an extension tube, intended for puncture of port systems.

Double safety:

1. Punctures without silicone membrane defects:

unique needle with an innovative sharpening prevents tissue particles and silicone from spreading into the blood with further complications.

Безпечна голка U-PORT 

Possible risks with punctures of the port membrane:

игла обычная Игла Хубера после использования Игла Хубера

2. Safety system for medical staff:

just turn the protective cap until the specific “click” sound occurs.

Система безпеки для медперсоналу 


  • suitable for all types of port systems
  • latex- and PVC-free
  • permissible flow rate 5.2 mL/sec., pressure 2,100 kPa
  • is set for up to 7 days and used for almost all manipulations
  • made in Ukraine
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