U-FLEX Plus (peripheral venous cannula with safety system)

U-FLEX Plus – peripheral venous cannula with safety system.


Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Cellulose Acetate Propionate / Polycarbonate (CAP / PCB), Polyacetal, Stainless Steel, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene / Polyurethane (FEP / PUR), High Density Polyethylene Polyethylene, Synthetic Carbon, HDPE polyethylene, thermoplastic elastomer.


Peripheral venous cannula with U-FLEX Plus safety system consists of the following components.

  1. A stiletto needle with a protective clip that serves as a safety clip and a needle sleeve for secure fixation when removed from the cannula tube.
  2. Cannula with catheter made of polyurethane.


  • For intravenous infusion of fluids such as solutions, parenteral nutrition and for bolus administration of drugs.
  • To maintain hydration and / or correct dehydration in patients who are unable to ingest adequate oral fluids.
  • For transfusion of blood or blood components.


Conditions that require access to peripheral veins.

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