Medical Devices




Umerox® Device

Umerox® Device is the device for inhalation use of Umerox® (vapors for inhalation, liquid in bottles of 3 ml № 1). It is intended for vaporization and delivery of Umerox® and provision of inactivation of vapors in exhaled air.

Umerox® Ingal

Umerox® Ingal is an individual device designed for inhalation of methoxyflurane. Methoxyflurane, solution for inhalation, 2 ml administered through the Umerox® Ingal inhalation device is a fast-acting, inhalable and non-narcotic analgesic. ...

U-FLEX Plus (peripheral venous cannula with safety system)

U-FLEX Plus – peripheral venous cannula with safety system. Storage Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Cellulose Acetate Propionate / Polycarbonate (CAP / PCB), Polyacetal, Stainless Steel, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene ...

UF SmartSet, system for intravenous infusion

UF SmartSet is intended for intravenous infusion of drug solutions, including solutions to maintain and correct the water-electrolyte status of patients (for example, if the patient can not take fluid through the gastrointestinal tract). ...

The 3-running infusion crane Yuria-Pharm

The 3-running infusion crane has the following purpose: To combine two infusion lines into one during infusion therapy. To control the infusion using two lines combined into one. Indication A person’s condition during infusion therapy that ...

U-SPIKE cannula for taking medicines from vials

The U-SPIKE cannula is intended for single and multiple withdrawal of the drug (solution) from the vial, preparation of drug solutions. Contraindication Increased individual sensitivity to any of the materials used in the medical device. Adverse ...

Yuria-Pharm injection kit

The whole set is packed in a single package – a box with all the necessary information, the main symbols in accordance with current legislation. In addition, all components are packaged in a primary package that protects against bacteria and ...