Two-part SYRINGE with 2 needles, one of which being SAFETY needle

Product relevance

Over the last 20 years, the attention of the medical community has been drawn to the issue of sharp injuries caused by medical devices on-site and the potential for the transmission of blood-borne infections. The statistics of on-site sharp injuries are as follows: (Fig. 1).

More than 70% of sharp injuries are caused by a used syringe needle. In case of accidental injuries with infected blood contained on a used syringe needle, more than 50 pathogens can be transmitted (including Hepatitis B, C; AIDS).

An accidental injection with a used needle is always stressful both for the healthcare professional and for third parties. It is ALMOST A DISASTER! Because, at first, they do not know whether the infection has been transmitted.

SYRINGE with a safety needle

In 2018, the YURIA-PHARM Corporation set itself the task of “PROTECTING HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS” from being infected by a used needle on-site, as well as third parties at home. And in 2019, the YURIA-PHARM Corporation released a new product for the Ukrainian market, a medical product sterile 2-part SYRINGE with two needles (a needle for taking medicines, an injection needle; a needle for injections, a SAFETY NEEDLE (Fig. 2) in a blister (Fig. 3)

Warnings and precautions for use

After injection manipulation, a reliable irreversible blockage of the bevel occurs following the forced activation (closure of the protective cap, Fig. 4).

Due to the rapid blockage of the needle tip, the transmission of infection through an accidental injection, needle injury or contact with blood remaining after the injection is prevented (Fig. 5)

The ease of use of the SYRINGE with a safety needle is due to yet another feature of its design. This feature is relevant when providing emergency medical care (for ambulance teams, or when urgent administration of i/v therapy is required)
Placing the protective cap in the upper position at an angle of 45o, the bevel will always be directed upwards (Fig. 6)

This ensures convenient intravenous injection. And the cap shows the position of the needle tip.

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