Patient blood management





Nardin is a low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) containing enoxaparin sodium, in which the antithrombotic and anticoagulant activities of standard heparin are unrelated. It has higher anti-Xa activity than anti-IIa (or antithrombin) activity (their ratio is 3.6).


EMAPLUG is the first and only recombinant human thrombopoietin for restoring platelet level. EMAPLUG contains 1 ml of a solution of 15,000 units of recombinant human thrombopoietin. EMAPLUG promotes the increase in the number of platelets at 4 ...


EMAVAIL - an affordable and easy to use recombinant human epoetin alfa for the recovery of red blood cells in case of chronic renal failure, hemodialysis and other types of anemia.

How supplied:

solution for injection, 1 ml in pre-filled syringe №1.


Sufer® is an intravenous iron preparation for rapid clinical and haematological correction of iron deficiency.

How supplied:

100 mg (5 ml) ampoules No.5; 200 mg (10 ml) vial, special solvent included — 0.9 % NaCl-Soluven 100 ml.


Sangera® is a next generation haemostatic, 26 times more active than aminocaproic acid and 10 times more effective than ethamsylate.

How supplied:

5 ml ampoule. 10 ml vial. 10 ml vial. 1 vial + 1 container with solvent agent (sodium chloride-Soluven, 9 mg/ml, 100 ml).

Aminocaproic acid

Inhibits fibrinolysis by blocking plasminogen activators and partially inactivating plasmin.