Disposable blood transfusion set with a metal needle (PK transfusion system)

The system is intended for transfusion (transfusion of blood or its components).

  • A metal needle for piercing the cap of a bottle or container of the “pencil” type, with a side opening to prevent fragmentation of the cap of the bottle.
  • Separate air needle with side opening for ventilation of bottle with filter and cap.
  • Flexible drip chamber with a dispenser for 20 drops/ml and a drip chamber filter with an effective filtration surface area of 10 cm2 and a filter cell size of 200 μm.
  • Roller infusion speed regulator.
  • Injection unit.
  • Connector Luer-Slip (Luer slip).

The length of the system tube: 150 cm.

Does not contain DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate).

Included with the system: an 18G x 1½” (1.2 x 38mm) injection needle and a 3-strip patch to secure the needle or cannula to the patient’s skin surface.

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