HOROSTEN® – Antiseptic for treating wounds in the form of a solution for external use.

The active ingredient is a well-known highly active antiseptic decamethoxin.

HOROSTEN® has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.

In the process of using HOROSTEN®, the sensitivity of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to antibiotics increases.


  • glycerin – softens the skin, moisturizes the hands;
  • citral – gives the scent of lemon and potentiates the antimicrobial effect of decamethoxin;
  • ethyl alcohol – does not cause skin dryness, accelerates evaporation.

HOROSTEN® contains ethyl alcohol 15-20%. Alcohol accelerates the evaporation of the preparation from the skin surface, shortening the time of antiseptic treatment, without requiring additional drying of the hands with a towel or napkin.

The drug is practically not absorbed by mucous membranes, skin and wound surfaces, does not stain the skin, and citral gives it a pleasant lemon scent.

The use of HOROSTEN® is indicated for:

  • Wound treatment, including postoperative wounds
  • Treatment of skin microtraumas.

Why is HOROSTEN® right for you?

  • HOROSTEN® is a drug with proven efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms;
  • Convenient packaging (spray, reusable);
  • Leaves the skin of the hands, nails, clothes unpainted due to the presence of decametoxin in the composition.
  • Does not cause a strong burning sensation on the surface of the treated wound.
  • Ready to use without aids (applicators, cotton wool, cotton swabs).
  • Economical packaging 100 and 400 ml (can be used for the whole family).
  • Has a pleasant lemon scent.

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