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Concentrate solution for infusion in dark glass vials.

How supplied

400 mg/20 ml, solvent included.

Longocain® Heavy

Potent long-acting anaesthetic for spinal anaesthesia.

How supplied:

5.0 ml ampoules;
5.0 ml vials;
5.0 ml pre-filled syringes.

Longocain® 5 mg/ml

Potent long-acting anaesthetic for infiltration, conduction and epidural anaesthesia.

How supplied:

5.0 ml ampoules; 5.0 ml vials; 20.0 vials; 50.0 ml vials.

Longocain® 2,5 mg/ml

Potent long-acting anaesthetic for infiltration, conduction, spinal and epidural anaesthesia. Anaesthetic effect occurs rapidly (within 5–10 minutes) and lasts for 6–8 hours.


Linezolid is the first and only marketed oxazolidinone approved for clinical use.

How supplied:

300 ml (600 mg) glass vials;
300 ml (600 mg) polymer containers.


Infusion therapy for diabetes mellitus and ketosis of different nature. Xylitol is a pentahydric alcohol with insulin-dependent utilization; it does not affect blood glucose levels, promotes secretion of endogenous insulin. It has the most pronounced antiketogenic effect among all carbohydrates and sugar alcohols.

Aminocaproic acid

Inhibits fibrinolysis by blocking plasminogen activators and partially inactivating plasmin.

Potassium Chloride

Concentrate for solution for infusion 7.5%.

How supplied:

10 ml, 20 ml glass vials or containers.


The most prescribed analgesic in Europe: it is prescribed to 78 % of postoperative patients.

How supplied:

Infulgan® solution for infusion 1000 mg - 100 ml. Infulgan® solution for infusion 500 mg - 50 ml. Infulgan® solution for infusion 200 mg - 20 ml.


Original broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Antibacterial co-formulated drug with the broadest spectrum of action. The coverage includes the majority of known representatives of gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic, atypical pathogens and protozoa.


The power of combined action. Co-formulated preparation for parenteral nutrition. The product contains xylitol, glucose, sodium acetate, and a balanced electrolyte complex.

Glucose, 100 mg/ml

Glucose is the ultimate and most universal source of energy for metabolic processes in human body.