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Reliable protective barrier against influenza and cold! Improves cellular and humoral indicators of body’s specific and nonspecific protection in cases of ARVI. Enhances immune response after immunization with influenza vaccines.

How supplied:

10 disposable containers, 2 ml and 5 ml.

Air tubing for Ulaizer™ Home

Air tubing is designed to connect nebuliser chambers to compressor units. The tubing is made of transparent silicone material and is easy to clean.

Mouthpiece for Ulaizer™ Home

Mouthpiece is used for oral inhalation only. It is attached directly to the nebuliser chamber at the outlet for fine medicinal particles.


Inhaled quick-relief bronchodilator. Salbutamol.

How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 or 40 pcs per pack.


Topical inhaled corticosteroid. Fluticasone.

How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 pcs per pack.

The Ulaizer™ Home

The ULAIZER™ – the most appropriate way to treat respiratory diseases. Delivers medicines across the regions of respiratory system! For the whole family! With Ulaizer™ a medicine acts, where it is needed!


The most advanced compressor nebulizer! It is operating on accumulator, and you can charge it through a car cigarette lighter!