Sangera® is a next generation haemostatic, 26 times more active than aminocaproic acid and 10 times more effective than ethamsylate.


How supplied:

5 ml ampoule. 10 ml vial.
10 ml vial. 1 vial + 1 container with solvent agent (sodium chloride-Soluven, 9 mg/ml, 100 ml).


Co-formulated drug for accelerated regeneration of eye tissues.


How supplied:

Aquila “R”
Aquila “M”
Aquila “GEL” (Forte).

Medical woven bandage

YURIA-PHARM woven bandage with finished margins that do not fray and a double thread which enhances firmness of the dressing.


How supplied

Woven medical non-sterile bandage, size: 5 m x 15 cm, type 17.


TIVOR-L® is nitric oxide donor with enhanced complex action at pathogenesis IHD.


How supplied:

solution for infusions 100 ml.


The drug liquefies the mucus (mucolytics) ans is intended for inhalation, intramuscular and intravenous administration. Acetylcysteine.


How supplied:

Solution for injection, 100 mg/ml, 3 ml in ampoules No. 10.


NEUROCITIN® — is an infusion solution for multidimensional neurological protection in acute cerebrovascular accidents.


How supplied:

solution for infusions 2000 mg/200 mL;
solution for infusions 1000 mg/100 mL;
solution for infusions 500 mg/50 mL.


Solution for inhalations and intranasal administration.


How supplied:

2 ml or 4 ml polymer containers.
4 ml or 10 ml glass or polymer vials.

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