Universal medication for sanation of the conjunctiva in complex treatment of inflammatory eye diseases.


How supplied:

0.4 mg eye drops in single-dose containers No. 10


Poly-functional anti-adhesion solution acting upon three general adhesion mechanisms.


How supplied:

50 ml or 250 ml ergonomic, disposable soft polymer bags equipped with a special-purpose connection port.


The most active aminoglycoside for treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.


How supplied:

1 ml or 2 ml ampoules;
5 ampoules per blister pack.


NEUROCITIN® — is an infusion solution for multidimensional neurological protection in acute cerebrovascular accidents.


How supplied:

solution for infusions 2000 mg/200 mL;
solution for infusions 1000 mg/100 mL;
solution for infusions 500 mg/50 mL.


Solution for inhalations and intranasal administration.


How supplied:

2 ml or 4 ml polymer containers.
4 ml or 10 ml glass or polymer vials.


Inhaled quick-relief bronchodilator. Salbutamol.


How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 or 40 pcs per pack.


Topical inhaled corticosteroid. Fluticasone.


How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 pcs per pack.

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