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Inhaled quick-relief bronchodilator. Salbutamol.

How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 or 40 pcs per pack.


Topical inhaled corticosteroid. Fluticasone.

How supplied:

2 ml single-dose containers, 10 pcs per pack.

The Ulaizer™ Home

The ULAIZER™ – the most appropriate way to treat respiratory diseases. Delivers medicines across the regions of respiratory system! For the whole family! With Ulaizer™ a medicine acts, where it is needed!


The most advanced compressor nebulizer! It is operating on accumulator, and you can charge it through a car cigarette lighter!

Laqua® water for taking medicinal products

Due to the balanced composition, LAQUA® water for taking medicinal products preserves effectiveness of medicines. In contrast, plain water and mineral water interact with drugs and prevent their absorption.

Venoport Plus

VENOPORT PLUS — indispensable device for infusion therapy! Peripheral venous catheter designed for drug administration for 2–3 days.

How supplied:

Infusion cannula with an injection port and special wings.


Yunorm® is a strong antiemetic agent.

How supplied:

Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, closed preparation system 8 mg. Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, 2 ml No.5 ampoules. Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, 4 ml No.5 ampoules. Yunorm syrup, 4 mg/5 ml, 50 ml.

Yuria-Pharm Syringes

High-quality patented three-component syringes with two needles. Under the rules of asepsis, two needles shall be used for safe injection: the first — for drawing solution into a syringe, the second — for injection proper.