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Potent domestic primary agent for treatment of hospital acquired infections. High-potent antibiotic with enhanced activity against gram-negative flora and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


The most effective antifungal agent. Intravenous administration of Fluconazole is highly effective for treatment of fungal infections of any location that guarantees minimum duration of treatment in acute uncomplicated forms of diseases and high anti-relapsing effect.


The only non-hemolyzing irrigating solution for endoscopy in Ukraine.

How supplied:

1000 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml, 5000 ml polymer containers.


Water-electrolyte balance corrector, a solution containing sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Tivortin® aspartate

Indispensable nitric oxide donor. Active substance formulated into Tivortin® ‒ L-arginine amino acid , is essential for children and the elderly, as after 50 years its synthesis is gradually reducing.


Sufer® is an intravenous iron preparation for rapid clinical and haematological correction of iron deficiency.

How supplied:

100 mg (5 ml) ampoules No.5; 200 mg (10 ml) vial, special solvent included — 0.9 % NaCl-Soluven 100 ml.


Prevention and treatment of intestinal paresis in the early postoperative period, osmotic diuretic effect. Sorbilact® is a solution based on hexahydric alcohol (sorbitol).

Soda-Buffer® 4,2 mg/ml

The only buffered sodium bicarbonate solution in Ukraine. Soda-Buffer® is indicated for treatment of diseases and pathological conditions accompanied by metabolic acidosis.


Sangera® is a next generation haemostatic, 26 times more active than aminocaproic acid and 10 times more effective than ethamsylate.

How supplied:

5 ml ampoule. 10 ml vial. 10 ml vial. 1 vial + 1 container with solvent agent (sodium chloride-Soluven, 9 mg/ml, 100 ml).

Ringer’s solution

Ringer’s solution is used to correct water-electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders.