U-FIX non-woven-based medical adhesive bandages

Made of viscose, microporous, air- and moisture-permeable. Features: May be used in persons with sensitive skin. Provides easy tearing in the transverse direction and painless removal. Applications: Fixation of dressings and bandages, including ...

U-FIX fabric-based medical adhesive bandages

Made of treated cotton, air- and moisture-permeable. The adhesive layer is made of zinc oxide and natural rubber resin. Features: Multipurpose adhesive bandage with strong fixation and painless removal. Applications: Fixation of compresses, ...

U-FIX silk-based medical adhesive bandages

Made of air- and moisture-permeable synthetic silk. Features: Allows the skin to “breathe”, does not cause irritation. Scalloped edge eases tearing. May be used in persons with sensitive skin. Particularly strong fixation. Does not stick to ...

U-FIX polymer-based medical adhesive bandages

Made of breathable, water-proof, transparent polymer that allows the skin to “breathe”. Features: Transparency provides control over the site of fixation. Perforation: tearing in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. Does not stick to ...

The Ulaizer™ Home

The ULAIZER™ – the most appropriate way to treat respiratory diseases. Delivers medicines across the regions of respiratory system! For the whole family! With Ulaizer™ a medicine acts, where it is needed!

Laqua® water for taking medicinal products

Due to the balanced composition, LAQUA® water for taking medicinal products preserves effectiveness of medicines. In contrast, plain water and mineral water interact with drugs and prevent their absorption.


Yunorm® is a strong antiemetic agent.

How supplied:

Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, closed preparation system 8 mg. Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, 2 ml No.5 ampoules. Yunorm solution, 2 mg/ml, 4 ml No.5 ampoules. Yunorm syrup, 4 mg/5 ml, 50 ml.

Tivortin® aspartate

Indispensable nitric oxide donor. Active substance formulated into Tivortin® ‒ L-arginine amino acid , is essential for children and the elderly, as after 50 years its synthesis is gradually reducing.

Revul® hemostatic agent (powder)

Revul is a highly effective antihaemorrhagic and haemostatic agent based on high molecular weight polymer of natural origin.   Revul is a sterile absorbent haemostatic for external use.


Natural laxative for regular bowel movement! Lactulose is the active substance in LACTUVIT®. It is a milk sugar produced from whey. Its natural origin has become the key to safe and wide administration of LACTUVIT® both in adults and in children from the first days of life.


The most effective antiseptic solution! Decasan® is an antiseptic, decamethoxine solution for external and intracavitary (abdominal and pleural cavities) administration.