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Hyaluronic acid based sterile solution for intravesical irrigation.

How supplied:

50 ml polymer bag with a urethral catheter nozzle.


Intravenous formulation of ethambutol — reduced dose, increased efficiency.

How supplied:

10 % solution in 10 ml and 20 ml vials.

Isoniazid syrup

Protect your child against tuberculosis. The most effective first-line anti-TB drug. Safe and effective chemoprophylaxis and treatment. The product has bactericidal effect.


The most effective antiseptic solution! Decasan® is an antiseptic, decamethoxine solution for external and intracavitary (abdominal and pleural cavities) administration.

Decasan® nebules

Universal inhaled antiseptic.

How supplied:

Single-dose 2 ml containers, 10 pcs per pack.


Original broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Antibacterial co-formulated drug with the broadest spectrum of action. The coverage includes the majority of known representatives of gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic, atypical pathogens and protozoa.


Complex skin disinfectant.


How supplied:

100 ml spray, 400 ml vials.


The power of combined action. Co-formulated preparation for parenteral nutrition. The product contains xylitol, glucose, sodium acetate, and a balanced electrolyte complex.

Glucose, 100 mg/ml

Glucose is the ultimate and most universal source of energy for metabolic processes in human body.


Triple system for solution of delicate female problems!

How supplied:

0.5 %, 5 ml polymer container, 7 pcs.


Perfect polarizing solution. Extensive use of the polarizing solution (GIK®) is attributed to the effect of switching metabolism of damaged myocardium from wasteful oxidation of free fatty acids to glucose, which is more favourable energetically in the presence of hypoxia.


Unique three-injection course (1.8 % 2 ml) providing reliable clinical effectiveness for 1 year.

How supplied:

1.1 % and 1.8 % solution in pre-filled 1 ml and 2 ml syringes with needles for intra-articular administration.